We help and consult companies of any size, operating in all sectors of industry, both nationally and internationally to build the IT infrastructure and security systems that will protect their business from security breaches and data theft.


Our Company

Cyberflake Solutions was inspired by a passion to service aspiring businesses with cutting edge IT solutions and cyber security support. We are a dynamic team and our aim is to provide all our clients with best in class technology solutions using cost efficiency as a driver.

Our services are designed to take your business to the next level, reducing the gap between you and the heights of success you wish to achieve.

Our Mission

Regardless of whether your IT project is large or small, Cyberflake Solutions will expertly survey the situation, work together with your team members on the destinations and deliver results that will ultimately improve your overall IT project.

The wonderful relationships we have with our clients is a tremendous motivation that fulfills the most important part of our mission.

Our Services

Cyberflake Solutions an IT solutions provider is in a unique position to serve you right because we have the best combination of affordability and quality. We have the right expertise to help you with all your needs.

Our services includes IT Consulting, Incident Management, Web Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, Email Security, Application Security, Penetration Testing, Red Team Testing.

Our Stats

Company Foundation: 2020 in Medellin, Colombia
Company Headquarters: Medellin, Colombia
Average experience of our employees in the industry: 10+ years

Our Goals: As a promise to our customers and ourselves, always demonstrate bravery and ingenuity by pushing boundaries and striving toward true originality through our services.

Our Imprint

Cyberflake Solutions S.A.S
Carrera 67 #48D-27
050034 Medellin, Colombia

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